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Chao Baan, Barton upon Humber

Barton upon Humber boasts a great selection of eateries for such a small place but it was great to hear a new Thai restaurant was coming to town. So Chao Baan on Barton’s High Street was on our list. We read the reviews, cased the joint, tried to book – and failed. Well, for a few weeks anyway. Eventually we managed a table on a Thursday night.

What can we say about this place? It’s quaint, even cosy, in fact it’s not really big enough to be a restaurant at all. We felt like we were sitting in someones ‘front room’ where occasionally other people would wander through to find their tables. And maybe that’s why it just didn’t seem to work. However, the host/owner, Steve, is courteous, friendly and appears genuine at all times. Other restaurant owners take note of Steve – go out and introduce yourself to the customers. Welcome them and ask if they are enjoying their meal, and thank them for coming. How hard is that to do – but nowadays rarely done.

The waiting staff were efficient and welcoming and it was no problem that one of our party was late. Our orders were soon taken and the staff were happy to answer any questions. It was explained that because everything is cooked fresh to order there might be a bit of a wait but we had starters to fill the time and it didn’t feel like we were left waiting at all. The authentic food is cooked in a tiny kitchen with one chef, and according to the manager this food is purchased and cooked fresh every restaurant working day. I believe him.

So, for starters, going from left to right, we had Thai fishcakes, chicken satay and spring rolls. The Thai fish cakes looked unappetising and the texture was more like chicken. But they tasted OK, not fishy, but a bit spicy with a hint of lemon grass and I’m sure they were authentic Thai cuisine.

The prawns in batter with sweet chilli dip were perfectly cooked and very tasty.

For a main course I had a Massaman chicken curry with egg fried rice. Potatoes, chicken and veg, in a coconut and peanut curry. Very sweet and not at all spicy. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but at least I tried it. Other’s had Thai green curry with chicken and jasmine rice and Thai green curry with pork, spicy but not hot, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I had Pad Thai; stir fry noodles with prawns and peanuts and it tasted just like the Pad Thai I tried in Thailand!

So the food was pretty good, but sadly the place itself lacks a bit of magic. It’s wanting. It desperately needs that little bit of magic you expect when you go out for a special evening. Maybe its because it’s a Thai food restaurant but staffed by well-meaning, polite but local folks. And the view from my side of the table was of the bar access for the staff, which was piled high with crumpled boxes and bottles. Not great. Hats off to the waiters who tried so hard to do their jobs, yet somehow they (and I hate saying this) just didn’t cut the mustard as restaurant staff. It was a feeling of awkwardness, and they added no ambience whatsoever. There, I’ve said it. Now I feel bad.

To sum up the experience, apart from the Thai dishes, I may as well have been sitting in a cafe in downtown Barton. It’s like the owner’s idea is to emphasise the quality of the food and who cares little for all that decor rubbish with colour schemes, flash seating or music. Chao Baan is a no-nonsense, no frills eatery that happens to serve Thai food. Worth a visit, and then make up your own mind.

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