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The Old Tile Works at Barton

This area was once the brick and tile-making capital of Britain, due to the natural clay deposits found in abundance in this part of North Lincolnshire. The industrial revolution saw this industry blossom. 1850 saw the abolition of the Brick Tax, and tiles slowly took over from the thatched roofs of old. The William Blyth tile works, under the shadow of the Humber Bridge, was established in 1840 and there has been a site here ever since. In 2013, the Tile Works were fully restored and the yard sympathetically restored.

Which brings me around to mentioning the coffee shop and restaurant.

This is a place for ‘ladies that lunch’. It’s smart and spacious with a fine display of cakes that greet you at the counter. Well that’s a bit unfair because they have an extensive cafe-style menu and a reasonable selection of wines. They cater for all tastes and all ages, and it’s good. But, every time I’ve been at lunch times, this establishment is full, and I mean full, seemingly with ladies of comfortable circumstances who like cake.

So, what’s good about the coffee shop. Well, the food, the tea, and, oh, yes, did I mention the staff. They are excellent.

And the not-so-good points? From my experience of today’s visit, unidentified floating objects in the milk, which was rectified immediately. A slice of cake for the price of a full cake you could buy from a shop, and tea that is nearly £2 per small pot. The rest of the menu, in my opinion, is quite pricey. The restaurant being large and of high ceilings results in it being quite noisy at peak times. It’s not a place for an intimate and reflective coffee. So, does this put folks off from frequenting the place? Most definitely not. It’s very popular. My advice is steer clear of lunch time, and be prepared for the bill! Well worth a visit.

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