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Out and about in Kingston upon Hull

It’s that time of year again when the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull hosts its annual open art exhibition. Both amateur and professional artists display their work, which includes a truly diverse selection of artworks in a variety of styles and media, some of which are also for sale. However, art being art, presenting your treasured piece for display is not simple, and proudly booking it in online complete with photos and payment is no guarantee that your painting will ever be accepted. It is the three ‘chosen’ judges that decide. Even lowbrows like us, who have despaired at baffling, and just plain silly Turner Prize exhibits, have tried and failed to have work accepted over the years. I reckon, in my opinion, that year by year standards are getting lower, with occasional exceptions. One notable exhibit this year was described as a self-portrait and, I kid you not, valued at ¬£5000. It wasn’t good, and caused much hilarity and incredulous head-shaking stares from the public. Let’s face it, art is not for us mere mortals to understand.

Went to the cafe for sustenance but it was closed. So we left Ferens Art Gallery and called in at McCoys; an interesting and historical building full of character. It was time to reflect on the insane world of art on a cold Saturday afternoon.

Cosy and quirky, this place is great for a snack or lunch, and has a great choice of coffee.We have been to McCoys many times and the counter staff are always welcoming and helpful.

It was unfortunate that my choice of lemon meringue was disappointing. The lemon filling was still frozen solid and the meringue topping was just plain strange; more marshmallow than egg white. Anyway, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time and hope it was just a one off.

For atmosphere on a cold winter’s afternoon, give McCoys a try. You’ll find it next to the art gallery in the city centre.

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