Wingfield Farm Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch in the UK is a tradition. It used to be family time and lunch was cooked by Mum. Steaming veg, condensation and the smell of roasting potatoes made our Sundays. A time to catch up (and hours to ‘wash up’, if I remember right!). Great memories, alas no more. Nowadays it’s quicker, easier and often cheaper to go out for lunch. So the nightmare of phoning around for a Sunday carvery begins on Wednesday. Good luck there, then. But all is not lost. Welcome to Wingfield Farm.

Part of a chain of restaurants, Wingfield Farm is purpose-built for feeding the masses. It’s big, and it’s very popular. No airs and graces here at the Carvery. You pays your money and you takes your choice. Small, medium and large portions paid for at the bar till, and how anybody has the courage to go for a ‘large carvery’ is beyond me. But what about the actual food, you may ask? Well, it’s good. Not Mum’s cooking and certainly not fine dining, but this shouldn’t put you off. It’s good, wholesome food.

Fancy pudding?

Or icecream to finish your meal off?

And the price?

On a Sunday, for a medium carvery, a small (don’t be put off by that description!) vege carvery, a pint and a Cola comes in at under £20.

So, what are the ‘not-so-good’ points? Well, it’s always busy on a Sunday. I reckon people are arriving by 11:00am for lunch so you may have to wait. Then you have to queue at the till to order. You may be some time. The staff work hard but service at the till is very slow. Next comes the biggest shock, which is the queuing at the self-service carvery counter. A common wait can be 25 minutes, and maybe more! The vege option of the mushroom pie is to be avoided at all costs, in our opinion. Car parking at peak times is always difficult.

One great practice here is that families with young children have their own dining space. I once ate in this area and lost I my hearing for an hour afterwards. I joke, but it’s loud – bless ’em!

And a special mention to the staff. All are welcoming and very attentive. Well worth a visit.

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